Subaru Crosstrek Joins BRZ In Taking On Toyota’s Direction

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Many have blasted Toyota for allegedly preventing Subaru from flourishing with the BRZ. The sports car is basically a twin to the Toyota 86 and the they both share the same ‘poor mid-rev’ issue.

For a large section of the fans, they blame Toyota for having rules that prevents Subaru from fixing the underpowered issue on the BRZ but little do they realize that Subaru is probably the one unwilling to change the recipe of the sports car.

This is pretty obvious when you learn that the BRZ is Subaru’s best car in terms of reliability – as per Consumer Reports. If that is not good enough, major reviewers all agreed that the BRZ offers the most accurate gas mileage, unlike the other vehicles from Subaru.

The biggest proof of them all is with the next-gen Crosstrek. Subaru announced last month that they will equip the next Crosstrek with a hybrid powertrain and the green setup is sourced from Toyota.

The Crosstrek Hybrid will be making its debut later this year and we don’t expect it to be the end of Subaru’s collaboration with Toyota.