Subaru Forester: All-Set For Type-RA NBR Makeover?

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Earlier this year, Subaru did the unthinkable when they developed the WRX STI Type-RA NBR just to earn a place in the Nurburgring record books. The WRX STI Type-RA NBR never made it into production and it didn’t even get offered as a track car.

This means that the WRX STI Type-RA NBR is a one-off vehicle that is made to break a record and it did just that. The whereabouts of the vehicle is unknown at the moment but we are certain that it will eventually find a place at a museum.

We brought the WRX STI Type-RA NBR up because we may see Subaru doing it again in the near future. Very recently ago, Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon turned into the fastest estate to ever raced on the Nurburgring after it clocked a time of 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

Subaru is one of the few carmakers that are loyal to the wagon/estate scene hence this may tempt them into creating a Type-RA NBR variant of the Forester. This may just be a speculation made from the public but we won’t be surprise if it comes true.