Subaru Looking At Toyota To Improve Fuel Economy!

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Subaru can be commended for producing some of the finest performing affordable cars around but they still have a problem with offering good fuel economy with their vehicles.

Despite the likes of Crosstrek and Impreza having a decent MPG figure on their spec sheet, owners of the vehicles have claimed that it is impossible to achieve such efficiency when driving in the real world.

We are pretty sure that Subaru is aware of this and it will explain why the carmaker has suddenly released a new press report claiming that they will equip the next Crosstrek with a hybrid powertrain.

The hybrid setup will be sourced from Toyota and this will ensure that the MPGs are achievable in real-world driving instead of just making the specs sheet look good.

The Crosstrek Hybrid will be making its official unveiling in Q3 this year and we can expect to learn more about the new powertrain then. Are you excited?