Subaru Shows Audi The Real All-Wheel Boss

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All-wheel drive is a common offering in the luxury automotive market and there are a lot of brands to choose from. Among them is the Quattro AWD system from Audi which has always been the go-to choice for the best all-wheel experience.

Well, today, figures are suggesting that Audi’s Quattro is actually second best to Subaru. The Symmetrical AWD from Subaru is officially the world’s biggest volume drivetrain around with nearly 1 million sales in the pace of one year.

Subaru was so proud of this achievement that they personally thank the North American region for supporting Symmetrical AWD. The US happens to be the country where most AWD Subarus are adopted thus allowing the Japanese make to edge past Audi.

All is certainly good for Subaru and we surely hope that his achievement only brings bigger and better things in the future.