Subaru STI Concepts: Why You Should Get Excited?

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Subaru has confirmed on their participation at the next Tokyo Auto Salon and the carmaker will be using the event to unveil three new STI Concepts. This is something that car enthusiasts should get excited for and here’s why.

The reason is because Subaru’s Concept are often beautiful, stylish and a crowd puller. The concepts are more exciting than the produced cars from Subaru and this makes them an important watch.

Subaru confirmed earlier today that they will be bringing three STI concepts and one of them is the STI Performance Concept. Base on the BRZ STI Concept from the last New York Auto Show, the vehicle really look great with its matte paintjob and large black spoilers.

The other two STI concepts will be based on the Subaru XV and also the Levorg. Unfortunately, Subaru has yet to reveal anything regarding the duo and it is best to check out the Tokyo Auto Salon next month for the details on the concept models.