Subaru Suffers Marginal Setback Despite Strong October

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October, or even 2017 as a whole, has been a strong year for Subaru on the sales front as the carmaker made leaps to acquire a larger share of the market.

This means that more Subaru vehicles got sold in 2017 than any other year before it so how can Subaru record a 13% loss on the overall financial sheet?

The reason is with Subaru expenditure. Despite getting record-breaking income, Subaru spent more money on R&D as to fund the development of their future vehicles. Furthermore, there are plenty of hidden transactions going on like paying for Takata’s bankruptcy and absorbing the higher cost price of raw materials.

On the sales end, things are really positive for Subaru as the brand achieved the following:

• 71 consecutive months of yearly month-over-month growth
• 44 consecutive months of more than 10,000 Outbacks sold
• 51 consecutive months of more than 10,000 Foresters sold