Subaru Viziv-7 Opens Door To Pickup Possibility, Watch Out Ridgeline!

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Subaru surprised us all when they unveiled a large SUV concept at the last LA Auto Show because nobody expected it to happen. Subaru has always been about compact vehicles with great performance and the Viziv-7 is totally different to that.

The concept is structured as a large SUV and many are pleased with the prospects of the vehicle. Everything about the Viziv-7 sounds great and this got many comparing it to the Honda Pilot.

Well, if the Viziv-7 is truly going to be equal to the Pilot, then we may see the concept evolving into that of a pickup truck. The Pilot became the base example for the Ridgeline and the same may happen for the Viziv-7.

While Subaru have not mention anything about pickup trucks, independent artist Theophiluschin has already jumped straight to visualize the possible ute that will be based on the Viziv-7. The concept photo is embedded above and we would love to hear your opinion on it.