Subaru WRX: New Track Record Gets More Hate Than Love

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A couple of weeks ago, Subaru created a new record at the Nurburgring and this is thanks to the track-tuned WRX STI Type-RA NBR Special. The car is designed with the aim of creating a new 4-door sedan record and it did just that.

The WRX STI Type-RA NBR Special completed the legendary track in just 6 minutes and 57.5 seconds. The amazing time is owed to the improvements made on the WRX STI that brought out more than 600hp from a 2L mill.

Despite this amazing accomplishment, the feedback from the public has been mostly negative. This cannot be helped as the WRX STI Type-RA NBR Special is not a factory car and it won’t get developed to be one. As such, there is no point in breaking that record as consumers won’t get the chance to own the monster.

On the bright side of things, Subaru could be subliminally teasing on their first ever supercar that will take a lot of inspiration from the WRX STI Type-RA NBR Special. But of course, this is nothing more than some wishful thinking from a section of the Subaru fans.