Subaru WRX STI Can’t Run From 2.5L Turbo In 2018

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Following the release of the Ford Focus RS, Subaru revealed that they need to do better with the WRX STI so that their prime performance car can outdo its rival. The current WRX STI just doesn’t cut it as its 305hp 2.5L engine can’t keep up with the 350hp 2.3L turbo-4 on the Focus RS.

Subaru shared that they are working on a brand new 2L turbocharged engine that can replace the 2.5L boxer engine and many expected it to debut next year. This is in-line with the newly designed WRX STI that has been teased to arrive in 2018.

While there seems to be no stopping the new-looking WRX STI from debuting next year, the new 2L turbocharged mill is now unlikely to debut in time for the refreshed model.

It was confirmed earlier today when Subaru shared that the 2018 WRX STI will continue to rely on the 2.5L engine and the performance enhancements on the car won’t happen until 2020. This means that the wait will be longer if you want a more powerful WRX STI.