Subaru WRX STI: Out Of Excuses For Engine Upgrade

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Sales are the most important thing for every carmaker as without them, the company can close shop permanently. This explains why some brands are willing to go against everything they stood for in order to survive in the market.

One example is with the Porsche Cayenne. The SUV was introduced more than a decade ago and it help stabilized Porsche’s finances thus leading to the survival of the 911.

Today, our focus is on Subaru as the Japanese brand had just recorded the best sales month in their entire history. August last month saw Subaru moving a total of 63,215 vehicles. This is a 4.6% increase from August of last year and it also brings the overall year-to-date sales to 423,728 units.

With Subaru enjoying 69 consecutive months of yearly month-over-month growth, perhaps it is fair time for the carmaker to start developing new mills for the WRX STI. The latter is a respectable sports car but its age-old offering severely needs an update.

Many Subaru fans here have commented that they would love to see something fresh and new with the WRX STI. Well, let’s hope that the financials are at a good level for Subaru to create something new.