Subaru WRX STI Set To Destroy MINI’s Legacy

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Remember that hit film, the Italian Job? Whether it is the one from 1969 or 2003, both Italian Jobs managed to do one thing right and that is promoting MINI. The MINI Cooper immediately experienced a surge in sales following the film’s release and it also turned them into iconic vehicles.

Well, Subaru is hoping for a similar outcome when the WRX STI makes its official on-screen debut in the upcoming film, Baby Driver. Seeing that Baby Driver involves a lot of car-related action sequences based on a plot that has a heist theme, the WRX STI can show off its worth and turn into the most wanted car in the live market.

To be more accurate, it is the WRX STI from 2007 which is better known as Hawkeye. The car will be driven by the protagonist and the success of the film will definitely see a surge on consumers searching for a used Hawkeye.

So if you happen to be a 2007 WRX STI buyer, we would advise you against selling your car since the value is bound to go way up when Baby Driver gets released. If the film turns out into a hit, you can expect the WRX STI to do one better than MINI.