Subaru WRX STI vs Ford Focus RS: Which Side Are You On?

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The all-new Ford Focus RS can either be loved or hated. The sports hatch is not a joke on the performance front as the 350hp Mustang-sourced EcoBoost engine it runs on can allow it to dash in style. Unfortunately, there are still many that are not pleased with the Focus RS.

The haters are claiming that the Focus RS is not as fast as how a 350hp car should be. On top of that, the Focus RS is packed with too much driving-aid technologies that it can’t be described as a driver’s car. For the non-Focus RS fans, they believe that the better vehicle is the Subaru WRX STI.

Sure enough, both the WRX STI and the Focus RS share a lot of similarities in the sense that they are both powerful, affordable and can be driven on the daily. On the figures however, the WRX STI is second best as it can only offer 305hp.

But then again, we can’t determine a winner based on papers alone. We need a full-on comparison including that of an official race to name a winner. So, which car do you think will win?