Subaru WRX Wagon Hands USA A Light Spanking

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If you are a fan of Subaru, then you must have heard of the next generation WRX Wagon. The wagon variant of the WRX was unveiled at the annual Geneva Motor Show last week and it left wagon fans in awe.

Everything about the WRX Wagon sounds exciting and promising but unfortunately, the vehicle is unlikely to make its debut here in the US. While Subaru has yet to put the final nail on the coffin of hopeful US fans, it is pretty obvious that the WRX Wagon will be restricted to the European market.

This cannot be helped as wagons are sellable products over in Europe whereas here in the US, such a body style is unpopular. But make no mistake about it, the wagon loyalists in America are pretty loud when it comes to portraying their love for stretched hatchbacks.

The reception for the WRX Wagon in the US showed just that despite the inevitable non-US debut for the vehicle. So when Subaru brought out a clip demonstrating the performance of the WRX Wagon, we can perhaps describe it as a light spanking for our local wagon loyalists.