Suzuki’s Baby Jeep Wrangler May Get US Approval!

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The above is a picture of the latest Jeep Wrangler and we have slotted it there to make a point about Suzuki’s next big thing – the Jimny. Due to arrive at the end of this year, the next-gen Jimny has got its pictures leaked online and we can’t help but to see a lot of Wrangler on the design.

The upcoming Jimny has a boxy structure like the Wrangler but its measurements are significantly smaller. Seeing that the Jimny has never made ventured into the US, why would this be important?

Well, you should know that several new reports from Japan have indicated that Suzuki is working out a deal with Toyota to ship the Jimny into the US under a different name. The reports further mentioned that Toyota is keen to approve this request due to the good prospects of off-roaders in the US.

Should this deal happen, the Jimny can act as that fun, more affordable and smaller alternative for the Wrangler. However, we are still against hoping due to the unofficial nature of the reports.

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