Tenth-Gen Honda Civic Seizes Another US Crown

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It is now safe to say that 2016 is the year of Honda as the Japanese carmaker is the brand that made the biggest gain in sales. Names like the CR-V, Pilot and Civic are all bestsellers in their respective segments.

The Civic, in particular, made the biggest gain of them all as it accumulated the most sales in its segment and the entire automotive industry for 2016. Because of the massive love shown towards the Civic, the car was able to create a brand new sales year record.

It cannot be helped because the Civic is really the most attractive package available today. For a fee that is friendly to the wallets of the masses, the Civic is able to offer 174hp and also return a whopping 42mpg in highway fuel economy.

Such a setup leaves the Civic unrivalled in the compact sedan segment and things are going to get more exciting when Honda launches the hatchback variants. There is just no stopping the Honda Civic right now.