Tesla Autopilot Hands Buyers $200 Refund For $8,000 Feature!

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It is official. Tesla has agreed to partially reimburse consumers that have gotten Autopilot 2.0 with their cars in a $5,000,000 settlement of class action lawsuit.

On the headlines, this sounds like a win for the consumers but digging deeper into the story will tell you something else. When Tesla said partially, many actually thought that they will get a huge portion of the $8,000 spent on Autopilot 2.0 back. This is not true at all.

Based on the number of individuals affected and the settlement fee involved, we are actually looking at $200 per person in the settlement. Yes, you read that right. Only $200 out of the $8,000. That translates to only 2.5% of the fee you paid for Autopilot 2.0.

It’s an awful figure, especially when you have paid a big premium to enjoy Autopilot 2.0 only to realize that the feature is not ready at all.