Tesla EV Truck Finally Breaks Toyota’s Silence

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Tesla is regarded as the best EV carmaker around so when CEO Elon Musk suddenly Tweeted about the development of a Semi Truck, it is fully understandable why consumers are cheering loudly.

Elon revealed that Tesla will be unveiling their first EV Semi Truck in September before calling for everyone to give their attention to the vehicle. For the masses, the development of a Tesla Semi Truck is exciting because it will eventually lead to the development of an EV pickup truck.

The hype surrounding the Semi Truck is a strong one and this is something which Toyota can’t let be. Toyota surprised us when they took the spotlight earlier today to reveal that they too are developing a green Semi Truck. Toyota added that their Semi Truck will rely on hydrogen fuel cells instead of EV since it is more practical for a heavy hauler.

Prior to Tesla, Toyota is the go-to brand for economical vehicles and many expected the two brands to collide in a fierce rivalry. Who would have thought that it will start out with Semi Trucks?