Tesla Finally Moves Forward On The Model 3

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It is finally happening. Tesla Inc is going to produce the first ever Model 3 on February 20. After so much hype and wait, many can be relieved to hear that things are progressing at the carmaker’s Gigafactory.

A report from Reuters surfaced earlier today claiming that the first production Model 3 dubbed the pilot vehicle will get pieced together in less than a fortnight from now, on February 20.

Despite all the excitement, the first Model 3 is not something we are expecting to go on sale. As mentioned by Reuters, it is a pilot car which means that it will be used to test out the production machines and for Tesla to evaluate on their pre-production planning.

Either way, it is good to know that the Model 3 is making progress on the development front although we don’t expect the EV car to make its debut this year.