Tesla Getting Desperate Ahead Of Mercedes Showdown?

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Automotive manufacturer Tesla offers the best EVs in the market but their position will soon face some stiff competition from the industry’s heavyweights.

Among them is Mercedes-Benz, which is currently on full throttle with the development of their EVs. Seeing that Mercedes is already a leading name in the luxury segment with a strong reputation for offering some of the best performance on cars, the company’s first EV is bound to challenge Tesla on every front.

It is a future we are personally looking forward to but the potential rivalry between Mercedes and Tesla has taken a sad twist. It all started yesterday when a Tweet from USA Today revealed that Mercedes has made a $1 billion bet that they can take down Tesla.

Tesla’s chief, Elon Musk, responded to the Tweet by claiming that a billion dollar is shockingly low for Mercedes before hoping for its German rival to offer more. It is simply provocations from Tesla but this quote is claimed to be an act of desperation.

A handful of folks on Twitter pointed out that Tesla is in no position to talk about money since they have a massive loan. The way Elon said about the bet not being bigger suggests that Tesla needs more money and they are willing to risk it all. Well, we leave it to you to decide on this.