Tesla Has Successfully Breached Into Missouri!

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“Slowly but surely”. This is probably the best way to describe Tesla at current moment as the carmaker has made progress into becoming a nationwide brand.

The EV carmaker has been the catalyst in the push for green vehicles but their unorthodox methods have prevented them from getting the support of the entire nation.

In case you have been on a media blackout, Tesla was prevented from selling their cars on several states due to the absence of a dealer network. Tesla’s anti-dealership ways is one of the things that are worth commending the carmaker for and it turned into a controversy in several regions here in the US.

The inability to access a number of states has been holding Tesla back from expanding their EV influence but they never chose to surrender. Instead of backing out, Tesla challenged these states to revise the dealership laws and it is bringing positive results.

Just today, the state of Missouri announced that Tesla can resume selling the vehicles within its doors after Elon Musk defeated MADA in the state’s court. It is a big victory against the traditional dealership method and we hope more victories will follow in the future.