Tesla Hate On Model 3 Is Finally Paying Off!

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The Model 3 may be the newest vehicle from Tesla but it is not getting a lot of love from its creator. Since its introduction, Tesla has been anti-selling the Model 3 as they aim for the consumers to adopt the Model S or the Model X.

Well, we can safely say today that the anti-selling method is working well for Tesla and the proof is with Tesla’s quarterly financial report. The report revealed that the Tesla only managed to deliver 260 Model 3 despite having announced the production of 1,500 units in September.

Tesla defended the numbers by saying that there are no production issues with the Model 3 and this suggests that the anti-selling method is still in motion.

If you are to look at sales of the Model S and X, both vehicles created a new record high on the sales front in Q3 2017. While not certain by how many, there has to be a handful of Model 3 buyers that have decided to opt for the Model S or the Model X.

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  1. kent beuchert

    October 6, 2017 at 7:23 am

    There have been more than a few complaints from Model 3 reservationists on the waiting list that they have been hounded by Tesla salesmen to not wait and
    buy a Model S instead. I wonder if the bother to mention that their upgraded Model 3 has a driving range longer than every Model S.
    I would advise these Model 3 reservationists to NOT buy into what will become an obsolete battery technology in the Tesla vehicles, as Toshiba just announced a new batery that is light years better (and lasts forever) than anything Tesla has. Recharges at least 5 times faster. Avoid ANY electric car until it contains this new Toshiba battery.