Tesla In Full Automation Reverse, Grandma On Walker Wins!

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Following Elon Musk is beginning to feel like following a blade of grass in an open field. If the wind blows from east, the grass will sway west-bound. When the wind changes the directions, the glass will follow suit. So how is this related to Tesla’s chief again?

We have been following him on Twitter and it was about 2 months ago when the lad revealed that the intelligent system on Tesla’s cars will keep on progressing to a point where humans will look like Grandma with a walker.

Today, the winds have changed when Elon Musk quoted that excessive automation was a mistake. The lad added that it was his mistake before quoting humans as underrated.

It is unsure on what have caused Elon Musk to change his words and whether this is a clue to what is going to happen with Tesla in the future.

Our best guess is that Elon may have promised some next-level automation but he can’t offer it in time. The statement can then be used to give Tesla a time extension in creating the next-gen automation system.