Tesla Is In No Position To Bad Mouth Toyota!

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Someone should remind Tesla that they are not worthy of making comments on automotive giant, Toyota. Sure, Tesla may have revolutionized the entire industry with their EV offerings but they are still far from being a well-trusted automaker like Toyota.

So when Elon Musk was reportedly blasting Toyota for having ‘auto factories that are slower than grandma with a walker’, it only created more negativity on Tesla as a whole.

Prior to Tesla, Toyota was the leader in making low emission vehicles that can last a lifetime. Furthermore, Toyota is the benchmark for efficient automotive productions and their methods even got other industries to follow their standards.

One particular industry is the medical scene. Major medical outlets have admitted to taking inspiration with Toyota’s production workflow in order to achieve the most efficient service for their patients.

Should Tesla’s methodology are to be practiced by any hospitals, getting a minor surgery may leave you in the waiting room for an unknown duration. The worse bit is that the quality of the surgery will be questionable as Tesla prefer to let out production first and fix problems later.