Tesla Just Got A Bonus Thanks To Mercedes

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Tesla has received a glorious opportunity to make an extra buck earlier today and this is thanks to Mercedes-Benz. But before you start thinking about any business deals involving the two brands, you should know that the mild income boost is handed to Tesla via insurance claims.

It was widely reported last week that a Mercedes-Benz SLK has lost control and crashed into a Tesla store which resulted in big damages. The driver of the SLK mistakenly floored the throttle when panicking instead of hitting the brakes.

Seeing that Tesla owns every store as they never rely on a dealer network, the carmaker can walk straight to claiming insurance while making an extra dime out of it.

As such, it is perhaps right to say that Mercedes has handed Tesla a small financial bonus from the happening. As for the SLK driver, he managed to escape the incident with mild injuries.