Tesla ‘Luxury’ Status Feeling The Pinch From Model 3

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The Model 3 is the next big thing to come from Tesla and many are excited for it. This cannot be helped as the Model 3 promises to become the most affordable EV sedan produced by Tesla and it will also be the carmaker’s biggest volume production when released.

As of today, about 300,000 individuals have placed an order for the Model 3 but strange enough, Tesla don’t look to happy about it. In recent weeks, the carmaker has been anti-selling the Model 3 to those that have pre-ordered the car. Tesla has been communicating with buyers to promote the Model X and Model S rather than having them settling with the Model 3.

Perhaps, this may have to do with Tesla’s ‘luxury’ status. The carmaker see themselves as a luxury manufacturer and the cheaped out Model 3 has caused a slowdown in the number of Model S and X sold. This has probably got Tesla worried that the Model S and X will not last if the Model 3 exist.

We can defend Tesla for producing the Model 3 by comparing the vehicle to the BMW 3-Series. The latter is a toned down version of the 7-Series and this will be exactly the role which the Model 3 will adopt.

The only difference here is that BMW does not anti-sell its vehicles due to the 3-Series still having plenty of luxuries to offer. Hence, could the definition of luxury be the problem with the Model 3?

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  1. Vbondjr

    June 1, 2017 at 6:00 am

    How. About all 50 states of the us ban tesla and all ev/hybrid vehicles. Roads are meant for cars not driving appliances. I for one am totally against hybrids, electronic driving devices and autonomous vehicles. They should be banned and destroyed