Tesla Model 3: Affordability Is A Big Deception?

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After seeing the promos on Tesla’s future product, the Model 3, we can’t help but to feel excited for the car. The Model 3 is bound to be the biggest volume vehicle from Tesla and it is also tailored for the mass market.

While the official pricing figures are not out yet, Tesla has pledged to sell the Model 3 around the $35,000 mark and those that have pre-ordered the car can receive a price guarantee.

Everything sounds great until a statement from Tesla Motors suggest that the $35,000 target won’t be guaranteed for those planning to book the Model 3 in 2017. Tesla revealed last week that 2017 bookings for the Model 3 will not get free access to the supercharger network. If you wish to enjoy charging convenience, you will have to pay an extra fee to get it.

The way we see it, this is a sign of more price hikes in the future. It has happened before when Tesla raised the prices of the Models S and made the Model X more expansive to own through removing the base model. The Model 3 is expected to face the same fate and it is pretty easy to explain why.

It seems that Tesla is seeing themselves as a luxury carmaker but for the EV market hence they can’t have anything affordable in their line-up. The term affordable is applied on the Model 3 because there has yet to be a pricing benchmark in the EV world.

So if you desire to purchase the Model 3, you should place a booking today. Taking the $35,000 target for granted will be a financial mistake that you must avoid. But of course, we would also love to hear on what you think of the above.