Tesla Model 3: Affordability Won’t Sustain, Here’s Why

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The word affordability should not be taken for granted, especially if it comes from Tesla Motors. This is partly the reason why you must not delay pre-ordering the Model 3 as the so-called affordable EV car is going to get a little more expansive in 2017.

Tesla revealed earlier this month that any orders for the Model 3 that takes place in 2017 onwards will not be given free access to the vast Supercharger network. To enjoy the Supercharger service, consumers will have to purchase the add-on for an additional fee.

Things are not expected to get cheaper for the Model 3 and the diminishing perks for 2017 pre-orders are nothing more than the start of a long price increment chain. We have seen Tesla raising the price of the Model S and Model X before and we can expect the same fate for the Model 3.

It is an obvious outcome especially since Tesla identifies themselves as a luxury carmaker for the EV market. The fact that the EV market is still lacking big volume models means that the pricing of affordable cars are not really set.