Tesla Model 3 Allegedly Suffers A Year Delay With No Rebates!

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Tesla has said before that they are hoping to deliver the first batch of Model 3s before the year ends but this is now looking unlikely to happen. New reports have surfaced online and they are all claiming that the Model 3 is delayed for a year.

The word is that Tesla is struggling in trying to produce the Model 3 in bulk. Parts can get very limited and having 300,000 pre-orders makes it a lot tougher for Tesla.

If news of the delay is true, then the earliest possible date for the Model 3’s debut is towards the end of 2018 next year. This would mean two things. The first is that those that pre-ordered the car will have to wait longer and secondly, they are required to pay more for it.

The Model 3 is targeted to retail right under the $40,000 following rebates and this will change if the delay is true. Come 2018, Tesla will lose out on the rebates program and this will force prices for the Model 3 to spike.

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  1. Pat Mc

    June 19, 2017 at 11:53 am

    You misunderstood. If you order a Tesla Model 3 today, you probably will not receive it until late 2018.
    The Model 3 should be produced later this year and distributed to reservation holders.