Tesla Model 3 Also Says Goodbye To 90kWh Battery

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What people want to know is whether the Tesla Model 3 would beat the Chevrolet Bolt in a single-charge range comparison. The Bolt uses a 60kWh battery and according to the EPA, it is worth roughly 238 miles on a single charge, so that’s the benchmark Tesla has to top.

But that’s actually too small a question to ask of the Model 3, given that there would surely be more than one battery option. A better question would be how far Tesla would allow the vehicle to go because it can be taken for granted that the automaker wouldn’t allow the Bolt to have the upper hand.

That question doesn’t yield a satisfying answer for those who are hoping that they would be able to access the options available for the Model S and Model X for the Model 3. It seems that the comparatively shorter wheelbase of the compact electric allows it to accommodate no more than Tesla’s 75kWh battery.

That’s what CEO Elon Musk revealed in a recent tweet about the vehicle, saying that the 75kWh pack is based on his company’s current cell energy densities. This would understandably come as disappointing news for many who had higher expectations.

When Tesla initially announced that the Model 3 would not be receiving the 100kWh battery option, some fans hoped that it would still be able to adopt the 90kWh unit instead. It looks like that wish won’t come true as well.