Tesla Model 3 AWD Hinting On 6:29 Nurburgring Times!

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Yes, you read the title right. The affordable EV from Tesla is about to get a sporty AWD variant and Elon Musk was reported saying that the car will be 15% faster than the BMW M3.

This is a big claim by Elon Musk and it’s likely that the lad has not realized the impact of the numbers he has mentioned. Saying 15% without any specifics suggest on being faster on every plane. Be it straight line performance, quarter-mile times or even track times, 15% faster than the M3 is the target for the upcoming Model 3.

If this is truly going to be the case, the Model 3 AWD will be able to complete a lap challenge around the Nurburgring in an amazing time of 6:29 – beating every other production car on this planet.

This is highly unlikely to happen hence making it likely for Elon Musk to speak about the Model 3’s straight line performance and nothing more.