Tesla Model 3: Battery Chief Dismissed – A Move To Solve Delays?

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Every passing day brings out more negative news on the development of the Tesla Model 3 and we believe that this has hit its peak today.

Just hours ago, a report confirmed that Tesla has dismissed the head of battery engineering. Tesla’s John Wagner has officially left the company and he shared it with the world through his LinkedIn profile.

The sudden news has left many worried because the Model 3 is already being delayed for 3 months due to shortage of battery supply and things are not expected to be better with the head of battery leaving his post.

Well, it is natural to see Wagner’s departure as something negative but we would beg to differ. When Wagner was in position, it resulted in poor pace of battery development hence having him out of the equation could be better for Tesla.

It also wouldn’t be surprising if Tesla’s recent force reduction was also a cost savings initiative with the delays to the Model 3 production ramp. Everything feels relatable hence Tesla is cleaning their workforce through pushing out whoever that are not hitting their stride.

It is either that or Tesla has truly lost the plot and is firing people left and right without knowing what else to do.

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  1. Arthur Mosby

    November 8, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Is this the same batery guy who left to create his own company to assist other automakers with their battery issues? Tesla is such a bizarre company we need a platon of detectives with inside contacts to learn what actually is going on.