Tesla Model 3: Beta Car Ruins 2016 Launch Target

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The Model 3 is the next big thing to come from Tesla and the car is expected to make its official debut later this year. Well, despite bragging more than 350,000 pre-orders, the Model 3 is unlikely to meet the expected debut period and this was confirmed by Tesla themselves.

A report revealed that Tesla did not put out any beta car on live roads for testing in 2016 and this means that the finalized Model 3 is still far away from completion. Beta cars are basically prototypes of the final product that you normally see in spy shots and the absence of a Model 3 prototype strongly suggests a lengthy delay.

Until a prototype is spotted on live roads, there is no way to gauge when the Model 3 can make its official debut. This can already be seen with the Model X, which suffered a long delay and one of the symptoms is not having a prototype out in a timely manner.

Tesla admitted that the report is spot on but they also shared that they have been building multiple concepts of the Model 3. All those concepts will be transformed into a Beta models but only one of them will be selected for final production.

At the rate things are going, perhaps it is safe to say that the Model 3 won’t get released until late 2018. The development progress is just not at the pace we expected it to be at and then there is still the fact that Tesla has got a bulk order to meet.