Tesla Model 3: Big Volume Car Gets Big Volume Disaster Response

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In a matter of days from now, Tesla will be pushing out the first batch of Model 3 and the happening will mark the start of the EV takeover. With 300,000 pre-orders in the bag, the Model 3 looks set to become the biggest volume EV around and Tesla is rushing to ensure that there are enough facilities for the car.

Tesla revealed yesterday that they are adding in 100 new service centers around the country and this will bring the total number of service facilities to 250. In addition to that, there will also be 350 new service vans that will aid the Model 3 users should an issue on the road arise.

With such additions, Tesla will have a strong platform to address any disaster which the Model 3 may experience. The Model S and Model X have suffered some issues in the past and the recalls made on those cars are not very efficient due to the lack of service centers.

Seeing that the Model 3 is a massive volume EV, it is important for Tesla to expand on their service network to ensure that they can effectively handle any issue with the car should there be any.