Tesla Model 3: Buyers & Cancelled Orders Suffer Lengthy Delays

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The Model 3 is the newest EV from Tesla and it is also the biggest volume electric car around if you are to take in the 400,000 strong that has placed a pre-order on the vehicle.

The fact that Tesla only asks for $1,000 to pre-order the Model 3 explains why many weren’t reluctant to purchase the car but it resulted in a long queue for the buyers to bear. Let’s say you placed an order for the Model 3 back in November last year. It would mean that you need to wait about 200,000 deliveries of the Model 3 before you can get yours.

It translates to months of waiting and this is not taking account of the production issues that may happen. If that is not bad enough, cancelling your deposit for the Model 3 will also see a delay in the refund process.

One individual who cancelled his Model 3 purchased in May this year reported today that he is still pending to receive his refund. Tesla keeps on telling him that there are a lot of cancellations to process hence he will need to wait an unknown period of time before he can get his $1,000 back.

All in all, it is delays all around Tesla’s camp. The world of Tesla is like a shopping center on Black Friday where things are super crowded thus bringing down the service experience.