Tesla Model 3 Calling For Three Digits Next Month

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We may have yet to see Tesla pulling the wrappers off the highly anticipated Model 3 but that is not stopping CEO Elon Musk from spitting big words out of its mouth. In his latest Tweet, Elon said that the Model 3 is well ahead of schedule that it may come out this Friday.

Tesla has got a poor track record when it comes to launching new vehicles on time and they are hoping to change that with the upcoming Model 3. New reports went as far as claiming that Tesla is hoping to deliver 30 Model 3 this month.

The same reports also indicated that Tesla wants three digits of Model 3 delivered in August next month. Come September, Tesla is targeting deliveries of another 2,000 Model 3. Once December arrives, Tesla wants a stable delivery output at 20,000 units per month.

This is some big plans from Tesla and we can’t be sure if it will come true until the end of this year. Will Toyota finally be able to change the perception of the masses?