Tesla Model 3 Can’t Solve Range Anxiety, Here’s Why

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The all-new Tesla Model 3 may have been the subject of several controversies but we can still commend the car for having the right ingredients to push the EV industry further forward.

Performance aside, the Model 3 comes with an unbeatable electric driving range. Tesla has already confirmed that the Model 3 can travel up to 310 miles on a fully charged battery. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the Model 3 is rated at 131MPGe city and 120MPGe highway.

Despite coming with impressive figures, the Model 3 is still unable to address the range anxiety issue plaguing the consumers. A survey was conducted at the LA Auto Show very recently ago and it found that the range anxiety issue can’t be solved with range alone. Consumers would willing to put their money on EVs if there is certainty about battery life and quick charging abilities.

A whopping 87% of those that admitted to range anxiety revealed that they want charging times that can rival petrol fill-up times, all the time. This is something that can’t be solved with the Model 3 hence it is perhaps not right to call the affordable EV as the solution to range anxiety.

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  1. kent beuchert

    December 9, 2017 at 5:20 am

    The Tesla Model 3 does NOT have a driving range of 310 miles – that is only for the far more expensive version, which costs well over $45,000. The base Model 3 has a driving range less than that of the Chevy Bolt, around 220 miles. And the upcoming Porsche Mission e has demonstrated a sub 15 minute recharge to 80% using CCS (not Tesla Supercharger) protocol, rated at 350KW. The Tesla Superchargers operate at a max of 140KW. Battery lifespans currently are well over 10 years, and batteries currently being developed will have a very long lifespan, way beyond the life of the car.