Tesla Model 3 caught Failing In The Winter, Rage Ensue

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The Tesla Model 3 is the craze in the automotive industry last year but just like every other car from Tesla, the EV is being tangled in a number of controversies.

The latest one surfaced in the final week of December which saw the early Model 3 failing in the snow. The owners took it online to share that the car is not able to meet the expected performance and there are talks about how the brakes have failed them.

One individual who claimed to be a technician revealed that the real issue here is with the regenerative braking not working like normal due to the chilling environment. This is a prevention measure by Tesla to avoid wear on the battery hence limiting the brake function.

For the angry drivers, they are actually not too bothered by the enforced performance dip on the Model 3. These folks are actually angry because there is no notification from Tesla about it. Well, it is a first hence we can expect things to be better for the Model 3 in the near future.