Tesla Model 3 Celebrates Growth, No Improvements On Quality

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Production hell. Those are the exact words which Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said in response to questions about the progress made with Model 3’s production.

But of course, back when Elon said that, he does not have the figures to back it up. It may be a little late but progress is now showing after Tesla announced on their quarterly results.

Tesla was proud to share that the company had just wrapped up its most successful quarterly sales yet with a total figure of 34,494 vehicles sold. About a quarter of that sum was achieved by the Model 3 and it suggests that we are not far away from seeing a stable monthly production figure for the affordable EV.

The progress has been great but there are still many problems with the Model 3 which needs to get addressed by Tesla quickly. The biggest issue is with the poor build quality of the vehicle. Several reports have cited that 7 out of 10 Model 3 are of poor quality upon leaving the factory and this is a worrying figure if left unaddressed.

The longer it takes for Tesla to solve the issue, the more the carmaker is at risk of changing production hell into recall hell in the future to come.