Tesla Model 3 Coming Sooner Than Expected?

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Back when Tesla announced on the development of the Model 3, many can’t help but to predict the car to get a delayed release. This cannot be helped as Tesla has got a track record for being late when launching a new product.

The Model S, for example, arrived a year after its scheduled release date. It was longer for the new EV crossover, the Model X. So when the Model 3 got announced, the majority of enthusiasts are expecting a 2018 debut for the vehicle.

But then again, a recent announcement from Elon Musk is suggesting that the Model 3 is near ready to make its release. The head of Tesla shared that the design of the car has been finalized and the production-ready model will be breaking its cover next week.

If so, then it strongly suggests that the first wave of Model 3 will reach the consumers somewhere in Q4 this year. This will be a great outcome for Tesla as it will show to the world that the carmaker is making progress in this department. Will it happen though?