Tesla Model 3: Dealership Behavior Contradicts To Direct Selling Ways

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The all-new Tesla Model 3 is en route to become the biggest volume EV in history and this is thanks to the 400,000 strong which has made a reservation for the vehicle.

These folks really appreciated the hassle-free experience when buying the Model 3 as all they have to do is make a reservation and wait for the vehicle to get delivered. But as the wait stretches on, the buying experience starts going on a decline.

A growing number of Model 3 buyers are now complaining that Tesla promoters are spoiling it by anti-selling the Model 3. These folks shared in a forum that they went to view the production-ready Model 3 at a Tesla store and that was when the promoters started to pressure them into upgrading their purchase by getting a Model S.

The manner which they anti-sell the Model 3 is no different to how dealerships haggle with their customers as they use quotes like “it’s your loss” and “act fast”. Some even intimidated the customers by quoting “miss out on full tax incentives”.

Tesla is much loved for its dealer-free sales model but the promoters are making it bitter for the consumers. It sure sounds like Tesla is giving commissions to promoters that are able to get Model 3 buyers onto the Model S.