Tesla Model 3: From Nvidia To Intel, What’s Next – Snapdragon?

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The latest Tesla Model 3 has successfully blurred the line that separates household techs with cars. The EV may boast a respectable performance but the driving experience which it offers is too unnecessarily advanced.

We are referring to the Model 3’s setup which comes with no tactile buttons or levers. Everything is managed through the touchscreen slate which means that you will need to take eyes off the road in order to switch on a certain feature.

If that is not bad enough, Tesla has confirmed that they will be abandoning Nvidia chips for those from Intel to power their system. Almost everything on the Model 3 is operated with a softwate hence a powerful chip is needed for it. Intel is a proven chip maker although it’s application on the Model 3 will have a big influence to the car market.

If the automotive industry is to evolve into the smartphone industry, then every year will see the release of a brand new car with new chips to offer. It won’t be about the engine and stuffs along that wavelength. The next thing you’ll know is that the Model 3 will snub Intel for Snapdragon.