Tesla Model 3 Gets Care Package To Hasten Development

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Hate it or love it, many can’t wait to see the arrival of the Tesla Model 3. For the haters, in particular, they are interested in seeing if the Model 3 can experience a buttery smooth debut.

This is something many are curious to find out, especially since there is a lot of pre-orders made for the Model 3. Tesla has accumulated more than 300,000 deposits made for the Model 3 and they are likely to struggle in delivering the units in a timely manner.

Even with the Gigafactory now working on full throttle, Tesla has got no experience with big volume releases and they will definitely struggle to make smooth delivery. More importantly, Tesla must ensure that there is ample supply of the Model 3. A delay on the car’s production will certainly hurt their reputation, like how it did with the Model X.

The good news here is that Tesla is now receiving a helping hand from the city of Fremont. The city has granted Tesla extra land to expand on the Gigafactory. This can help Tesla produce more units of the Model 3 at a single time thus making it easier for them to achieve their production target.