Tesla Model 3 Gets Express Pass To Achieve Target

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If there is one thing many doubt Tesla to do, it is with the timely delivery of the upcoming Model 3. The carmaker has got a poor track record for meeting their product release target and things are not expected to get any better, even with the Model 3.

This is because the upcoming car from Tesla Motors has already accumulated more than 300,000 orders. This is more than the number of Model S and Model X sold thus making it unlikely for the Model 3 to reach its 2017 release target.

But then again, Tesla Motors have not released an exact date for the Model 3’s release and this can allow them to avoid many disappointing faces.

The good news here is that the city of Fremont where the Gigafactory is located has heard Tesla’s plea to expand the production facility and they have given approval for it. With the expansion, Tesla can produce more units of the Model 3 at a single time.