Tesla Model 3: Getting One Early Now Looks Like A Bad Idea!

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The Tesla Model 3 is the newest and also potentially the best value-for-money EV car in the market right now and this is why many are rushing to purchase the vehicle.

If you have an interest in adopting the Model 3, we wouldn’t advise you against so. What we would ask of you is to take your time and not rush into making a purchase.

For starters, getting one now will put you in a queue that can take more than a year to complete. The long waiting time will only ruin the mood for you.

The other thing here is that the Model 3 is now having a bad reliability prospects. It was reported on Electrek earlier today that the Model 3 is a production hell as Tesla keeps on replacing broken parts like headlights, battery, seats and many others.

Tesla was also heard saying that they will slowly solve these production issues as the priority right now is to get the Model 3 on the streets as soon as possible.

If this is to mean anything, Tesla has adopted the sell-now update-later policy with the Model 3 as if the car is a video game or a smartphone. With that being said, it is best to wait a little longer when purchasing the Model 3 so that you won’t be at the centre-front of all its potential issues.