Tesla Model 3 Granted Room For Extra Volume

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Tesla may not have the best reputation when it comes to launching new vehicles in a timely manner but this is improving overtime. Now that the company has got a fully functional production plant, they are able to deliver more units without delay.

But then again, many are still worried that the Gigafactory may not be enough for Tesla to meet the mountain of orders for the upcoming Model 3. Dubbed as the most affordable EV car from Tesla, there are already half a million orders for the vehicle and the chances for Tesla to meet each order punctually are slim to none.

On the bright side of things, Tesla has not announced on an official release date for the Model 3 hence they can simply hold the vehicle from its official debut until there is an adequate level of supply.

Today, things have gotten better for Tesla Motors as the Gigafactory has received approval by the city of Fremont to expand its boundaries. The city council is fully supportive of Tesla Motors and the extra land granted for the Gigafactory can aid in increasing production volume by 20%.

With such a blessing, there is less pressure on the upcoming Model 3 as the extra space can accelerate production time.