Tesla Model 3 Hits 393HP On The Dyno!

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For a section of the enthusiasts, dyno performance matters in determining how good a car really is and today, we got a treat for those that into that. One unit of a Tesla Model 3 in stock form has landed on the dyno machine and we can now see how good the vehicle really is.

While dyno performance does not necessarily paint an accurate picture on how powerful a car can be, we can still be impressed by the fact that the Model 3 has achieved 393hp on the dyno charts.

This is an achievement worth commending the affordable EV for as it makes the car more comparable to gas-powered vehicles. On the other hand, the high power potential makes us wonder how the Model 3 is unable to achieve sub-13 seconds quarter-mile time.

Thankfully, one of our readers that shared the dyno information with us revealed that the Li-Ion batteries discharge at a faster rate which leads to a rapid drop in voltage.

This itself has a slight negative impact on the Model 3’s performance which explains why the car is rated at 13.3 seconds on the quarter-mile.