Tesla Model 3: “If You Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkeys”

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Tesla Corporation has classified themselves as a luxury brand so when the firm opted to develop the Model 3 as their most affordable EV car, you can forget about getting anything nice but this is with the exception of intelligent driving technologies.

The Model 3 is bound to be very cheap on both the inside and the outside. Even Elon Musk agrees when he revealed that the Model 3 will have a straightforward cabin where there are only seats, a steering wheel and a large computer.

There are no artistic elements inside the cabin and not even a proper dashboard. Today, we got a better look at this when a photo of the Model 3’s cabin got leaked online.

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As how you can see above, everything is pretty dull and the only eye-catching feature is the large slate resting right next to the screen. The infotainment system is expected to house every control on the car, including that of the speed of the vehicle.

This got us wondering on if the photo will change the common, positive, perception on the Model 3. What do you think?

Credits: Jalopnik