Tesla Model 3 Is Fitter For Track Than Model S P100D!

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The Model 3 is the newest vehicle from Tesla and it carries the prospects of doing better around the track than the Model S P100D. While the P100D may still win on the lap times, the specs sheet on the Model 3 greatly suggests that the compact EV is more tailored for spirited driving.

In case you are unaware, the Model 3 has a curb weight of 3,837lbs and this is almost 1,000lbs lighter than the Model S P100D. 3,837lbs is an impressive figure for the Model 3 Long Range if you are to consider that its smaller rival, the Chevrolet Bolt, weighs at 3,569lbs.

When paired to the fact that the battery is placed on the floor of the vehicle, it gives off perfect 50/50 weight distribution with very low center gravity. The same can be said for the P100D but this weight setup can quickly cook the brakes, motors, and tires because it’s so heavy.

Seeing that both the Model S and Model 3 share the same setup but the S is considerably heavier, it makes sense for the Model 3 to do better when it comes to spirited driving.