Tesla Model 3 Is Less Messed Up Than Model S!

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Just because Tesla anti-sells the Model 3 to push out the Model S, it doesn’t make the new EV a bad choice at all.

The new Model 3 is inferior to the Model S in terms of driving range, performance and features. However, it is more advanced in one department and it is wire length.

Full EVs are packed with wires and everyone knows that more wires equals to a tough time managing them should a problem arise. Tesla didn’t brag much about it but they did confirm that the Model 3 has successfully cut the overall wire length by 50%.

On the Model S, the wires have a total length of 10,000 feet. The Model 3 brags only 5,000 feet of wires and this is a drastic improvement over the flagship car. Hence, it is perhaps right to say that the Model 3 is less messed up than the Model S.