Tesla Model 3 Is So Basic That There Is No Central Speedometer

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Having a large, powerful slate being embedded on the dashboard of a car can make the vehicle look flashy but it won’t serve the driver well since he or she will need to remain focus on the roads at all times.

So when Tesla’s Elon Musk confirmed that the upcoming Model 3 will not come with the basic car features due to the application of an all-in-one infotainment system, we can’t help but assume that the move has more cons than pros.

This can be tough on the drivers, especially when they need to keep track of the Model 3’s speed on the roads. The Model 3’s architecture will require the driver to glance at the slate thus making it more dangerous to drive.

But of course, we can’t be certain about it just yet since we don’t know how the Model 3 will drive. Let’s just hope Elon has thought about this flaw and come up with a prevention for it.